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What our Clients Say!

Dr. McCorkle has taken care of our pets since 2003. He is knowledgeable and compassionate and very gentle. I remember one experience very well when one of our cats developed FUS and we had to take him to the emergency clinic as Dr. McCorkle was unavailable. They would not treat our cat without a $750.00 deposit and they would not take a check. They were kind enough to give him something for pain so we took him home. The following morning we took him to Dr. McCorkle. He cured him and kept him for two days the bill was amazingly reasonable. We were so grateful. He has cared for our three dogs and (at one time) four cats since. My family and I consider ourselves so fortunate to know him and his family and staff. We know our pets are always in the best hands.

Mountain Valley Veterinary Hospital ClientLou Mowad | From Our Site

What our Clients Say!

I'd just like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful care my dog, Corniglia, has always received from the entire staff of Mountain Valley Vet Hospital. Corniglia is precious to me, but she can be difficult with other people. A "mommy" can tell by her pet's behavior during and after an interaction with someone whether or not that pet has been well cared for. Such is the case with Corniglia--it's obvious that everyone at the hospital is kind, caring, and thorough in their treatment of her. I would and do recommend Dr. McCorkle to anyone who is seeking a vet.

Mountain Valley Veterinary Hospital ClientChristy Hallberg | From Our Site

I would not go anywhere else unless I absolutely could not come here !! I have found Dr. McCorkle and his staff to be the best !  They really love the pets we bring to them and I have no doubt they treat them as they would their own.  My three dogs, Sasha, Indiana (Indy) and John, love Dr. McCorkle and all the staff and I know they felt secure when I had to leave them for treatments.  They are not apprehensive when they have to go for routine visits ! So, I highly recommend Dr. McCorkle and Mountain Valley Veterinary Hospital to all dog, cat and animal care givers !!

Mountain Valley Veterinary Hospital ClientGlenda Smith | From Our Site

These folks are the real deal- a family run hospital of people who love pets and are more concerned with making sure they are taken care of than their own convenience. We booked a last minute visit for our sick dog and they made time (after 4 on a Friday). Every subsequent visit, they've been at the office long after their scheduled hours, making sure to accommodate the needs of their patients. They are kind, understanding and fair. Nothing but positive things to say.

Google Plus ReviewerCole K. from Raleigh, NC | From Yelp Reviews

My mother has been using this vet for over eight years and they're accommodating, polite, and they really care about the animals here. I highly recommend them.

Google Plus ReviewerZacchaeus Nifong | From Google Plus Reviews

Dr. McCorckle and his staff at Mountain Valley are among the most compassionate, caring, and professional veterinary workers I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. This crew truly cares more about the animals they are treating than the payment they will be receiving.

Google Plus ReviewerChris Burk | From Google Plus Reviews

Dr Mccorkle is expensive but you wont get better care for your animal. He is very intelligent and very knowledgeable. I would never take my animals anywhere else. He is an excellent doctor.

Yahoo Local UserA Yahoo Local User | From YAHOO! Reviews

They may be alittle on the expensive side, but the care is outstanding. I have been going here (well my pets) for about 10 years, and the knowledge and expertise of the staff is well worth the touch more expense. I had a problem with my dog while on vacation and took him to a vet in that area, that vet suggested amputating a toe he thought it was cancer. Of course I held out until i could get him to my Vet. Dr M put him on antibotics for an infection and it healed fine.

Yahoo Local UserA Yahoo Local User | From YAHOO! Reviews